She Solves 3.0

24 Mar 2021

After two editions ,She solves 3.0 is coming soon 💜 something special is cooking .🤩
Do you hold an ardent passion for complex algorithms and coding ? Looking for an opprtunity to flex your talent and compete in a fervent, creative climate. Here we present to you the 3th edition of one-of-its kind competition that that gonna wake up the inner coding monster sleeping in you. Dedicated for girls only, this competetion will challenge your coding skills , will teach you speed and efficiency and will put into practice your logic sense. What a better experience to challenge yourself and sharpen your skills in a girly aura SheSolves is a cross university programming competition initiated in 2019 by INSAT ACM STUDENT CHAPTER and IEEE WIE INSAT Student Affinity Group in the purpose of introducing female university and high school students to competitive programming and encouraging them to participate in bigger regional and nation wide contests and improve their problem solving skills. This year SheSolves will be on the 21st of February 2021 at INSAT (National Institute of Applied Science and Technology).It will only cost 5dt but you will get amazing prizes if you were in top 3. Create an account in ACM INSAT website, fill the form with your username and join us this sunday form link : call us if you need anything : Safa Ayed :21462286